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225 S Main St Bentonville AR 72712 US              1-479-464-9463           two25gallery@gmail.com 

225 S Main St Bentonville AR 72712 US        479-464-9463         two25gallery@gmail.com


Paula started painting at the age of 45 (at the urging of a friend who was an artist) after a plaster ceiling fell on her head while she was doing what she loved most at the time, which was remodeling houses. She insisted that Paula come to her studio/gallery and take a “painting lesson". Paula had never painted before, besides walls anyways. She fell in love with painting. She took lessons from a wide variety of artists and did a wide variety of styles, she covered miles and miles of canvas. A style she never touched was abstract. Until suddenly, she had to try it, but had no idea how to start. Paula researched it, and found an artist whose work she really admired. She talked back and forth with the artist, who offered to work with her. Paula accepted and her style and confidence changed drastically for the better. Paula paints what she feels inside, to get a burden off her chest and onto canvas. She believes that painting has changed her and shaped her into the creative, unique, valuable person that she is today, and it only helps her to blossom even more.

Paula Watters Jones