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225 S Main St Bentonville AR 72712 US              1-479-464-9463           two25gallery@gmail.com 

225 S Main St Bentonville AR 72712 US        479-464-9463         two25gallery@gmail.com


“Fourteen years ago, I discovered that I had a great passion for art. The colors and expressiveness of each piece of art I viewed told me a story as well as sparking questions -- and their answers… After several years and many proclamations that “I could do that”, I stopped procrastinating. I bought my first paints, brushes, pencils, and charcoal and began my journey into the beautiful and exciting world of art.”
Through the use of color, texture, and Marcia Davis’ continued interest in learning how to better tell the stories of lives and people, she hopes to be able to incorporate her love of animals, people, and all things beautiful into her passion for art. Marcia’s sincere hope is that her creations will arouse warm memories of a loved one, a beloved pet, or a special place and time.

Marcia Davis